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Golden Balls Game Show Heads to The Casino

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    Golden Balls is a British game show that has been on since 2007. It is hosted by Jasper Carrott and allows players to win anywhere between £10 and £75,000. There are 100 golden balls inside of a “Golden Bank” that allows players to win the amount on one of the balls. There are four contestants and twelve balls are randomly drawn and distributed to the players. Additionally, there are four “killer” balls. Contestants will place two balls on the front row and two on the back row. The front row is the only row visible to all of the contestants.

    Contestants have the opportunity to lie or tell the truth regarding the value of their balls. The goal is to reach a consensus via open discussion to see who has the lowest amount of money or the most Killer balls. If a consensus is not reached, then a player is eliminated at random.

    The two remaining contestants have the opportunity to play bin or win, where they pick a ball to bin/eliminate and a ball to win/add to the jackpot. Ultimately, there is the option to split or steal – where players will either split the jackpot or one can steal the balls from the other. Should both players choose split, the jackpot is split. If one chooses steal, then that person wins it all. If both choose steal, then both go home with nothing.

    A similar game show is played in the United States called Deal or No Deal, though it is played with briefcases and only one contestant at a time.

    No one has to wait for the game show to air in order to try their luck. At casino jackpots, players can play Golden Ball Slots. The online slot version has a lot of the same fun – as well as great graphics and theme music. During the bonus round, players can also select golden balls in order to win cash prizes until a killer ball is revealed to end the bonus round.

    There are 5 reels and 20 pay lines for Golden Balls. Players can choose a coin size of 1p all the way to £1. The jackpot is worth up to 10,000 times the coin value – which can be a significant payoff for anyone who wants to try their luck.

    On the pay lines, players will see the typical fruits of a slot machine including cherries and watermelon. To honor the host Jasper Carrott, there are also carrots mixed in on the pay lines as well.

    While players will not be able to play the Split or Steal round in the slot version of Golden Balls, there is still a significant amount of fun. For those who want to talk to other “contestants” like the game show, there is also a chat feature, allowing people to talk to others playing the game all over the world.

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